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"Heart of Glass" was released in early 1979 and the disco-infused [24] [25] track topped the UK charts in February 1979 [20] and the US charts in April 1979. It was a reworking of a rock and reggae-influenced song that the group had performed since its formation in the mid 1970s, updated with strong elements of disco music. Clem Burke later said the revamped version was inspired partly by Kraftwerk and partly by the Bee Gees ' " Stayin' Alive ", whose drum beat Burke tried to emulate. He and Stein gave Jimmy Destri much of the credit for the final result, noting that Destri's appreciation of technology had led him to introduce synthesizers and to rework the keyboard sections. [26] Although some critics condemned Blondie for "selling out" by doing disco, the song became a monumental worldwide success and became one of the biggest selling singles of 1979. The song was accompanied by a music video filmed at a club in New York City (incorrectly surmised as being Studio 54, due to an exterior shot there preceding the interior video). The music video showcased Harry's hard-edged and playfully sexual character, as well as her famously stiff marginally disinterested persona. [27] She began to attain a celebrity status that set her apart from the other band members, who were largely ignored by the media.

The mysterious producer KDA dropped this bomb with Tinie & Katy in late 2015, and it's been stuck on our playlist ever since. It's the perfect tune for pacing your workout.

In 1976, Prince created a demo tape with producer Chris Moon, in Moon's Minneapolis studio. [ citation needed ] Unable to secure a recording contract, Moon brought the tape to Owen Husney, a Minneapolis businessman, who signed Prince, age 17, to a management contract, and helped him create a demo at Sound 80 Studios in Minneapolis (with producer/engineer David Z). [ citation needed ] The demo recording, along with a press kit produced at Husney's ad agency, resulted in interest from several record companies including Warner Bros. Records , A&M Records , and Columbia Records . [26]

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Blood, Sweat Drum 'N Bass Big Band - Blood, Sweat Drum 'N Bass Big BandBlood, Sweat Drum 'N Bass Big Band - Blood, Sweat Drum 'N Bass Big BandBlood, Sweat Drum 'N Bass Big Band - Blood, Sweat Drum 'N Bass Big BandBlood, Sweat Drum 'N Bass Big Band - Blood, Sweat Drum 'N Bass Big Band