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Called to a battle 681
Can a nation be changed? 682
Can I ascend? 683
Carry the fire 819
Catch the fire 684
Catch the fire 982
Cause me to come 56
Celebrate 73
Celebrate Jesus 57
Celebration song 244
Champion 1052
Change my heart, O God 58
Children of the cross 731
Chimes of freedom 882
Christians awake! 59
Christ is risen 60
Christ is risen 245
Christ’s is the world 685
Christ the Lord is risen today 61
Christ triumphant 62
Clap your hands, all you nations 686
Clear the road 63
Closer to You 687
Colours of day 64
Come and join the celebration 688
Come and praise Him, royal priesthood 65
Come and praise the living God 66
Come and satisfy 713
Come and see 67
Come bless the Lord 68
Come, Holy Spirit 689
Come into the heavenlies 690
Come into the Holy of Holies 69
Come, let us join our cheerful songs 70
Come let us return 691
Come, let us sing 71
Come, let us sing of a wonderful love 72
Come let us worship Jesus 692
Come, Lord Jesus 742
Come, Lord Jesus, come 821
Come, my soul, and praise the Lord 693
Come on and celebrate 73
Come out of darkness 694
Come see the beauty of the Lord 74
Come to the Light 810
Come to the power 695
Come with praise 29
Come, ye thankful people, come 75
Confession 17
Confidence we have confidence 696
Create in me 76
Crown Him with many crowns 77
Cry mercy 846
Cry of my heart 832

200 Great is thy faithfulness
201 Guide me, O thou great Jehovah
202 Hail the day that sees him rise
203 Hail, thou once-despised Jesus
204 Hail to the Lord’s Anointed
205 Hallelujah! for the Lord our God
206 Hallelujah, my Father
207 Alleluia, sing to Jesus
208 Hallelujah! sing to the Lord
209 Hark, my soul! it is the Lord
210 Hark the glad sound! the Savior comes
211 Hark, the herald angels sing
212 Have thine own way, Lord
213 He gave me beauty
214 He gave his life in selfless love
215 He has showed you, O man
216 He is born, our Lord and Savior
217 He is exalted
218 He is here, he is here
219 He that is in us
220 He is Lord, he is Lord
221 He walked where I walk
222 He was pierced
223 He who dwells
224 He who would valiant be
225 He’s got the whole world in his hands
226 Healing God, almighty Father
227 Hear my cry, O God
228 Here from the world we turn
229 Here I am
230 Here, O my Lord, I see thee face to face
231 H‚v‚nu shalom
232 His hands were pierced
233 His Name is higher
234 His Name is wonderful
235 Hold me, Lord
236 Holy Child, how still you lie
237 Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty
238 Holy, holy, holy Lord God Almighty (Owens)
239 Holy, holy, holy is the Lord (Warren)
240 Holy, holy, holy is the Lord (Green)
241 Holy Spirit, we welcome you
242 Hosanna, hosanna
243 How firm a foundation
244 How good is the God we adore
245 How great is our God
246 How I love you
247 How lovely is thy dwelling-place (Asprey)
248 How lovely is thy dwelling-place (Burt)
249 How lovely on the mountains are the feet of him
250 How shall they hear, who have not heard
251 How sweet the Name of Jesus sounds
252 How precious, O Lord
253 Hushed was the evening hymn
254 I am a new creation
255 I am a wounded soldier
256 I am not mine own
257 I am not skilled to understand
258 I am trusting thee, Lord Jesus
259 I am trusting in you
260 I am the bread, the bread of life
261 I am the bread of life
262 I am waiting for the dawning
263 I am weak but thou art strong
264 I believe in Jesus
265 I cannot count your blessings, Lord
266 I cannot tell why he, whom angels
267 I confess
268 I delight greatly in the Lord
269 I do not know what lies ahead
270 I get so excited, Lord
271 I give you all the honour
272 I have decided to follow Jesus
273 I hear the sound of the army of the Lord
274 I hear the sound of rustling
275 I heard the voice of Jesus say
276 I just want to praise you
277 I know I’ll see Jesus some day
278 I know that my Redeemer lives
279 I know not why God’s wondrous grace
280 I lift my hands
281 I lift my eyes to the quiet hills
282 I live, I live
283 I look to the hills
284 I love my Lord
285 I love the Name of Jesus
286 I love you, O Lord, you alone
287 I love you, Lord, and I lift my voice
288 I need thee every hour
289 I receive you
290 I receive your love
291 I rest in God alone
292 I see perfection
293 I sing the almighty power of God
294 I sing a new song
295 I serve a risen Savior
296 I stand amazed in the presence
297 I stand before the presence
298 I want to learn to appreciate you
299 I trust in thee, O Lord

Midwinter - Enthrone In BlizzardMidwinter - Enthrone In BlizzardMidwinter - Enthrone In BlizzardMidwinter - Enthrone In Blizzard