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Concept 1: It’s not us. It’s our wiring.
The full-blown stress response evolved in reaction to an imminent threat to survival – it is triggered rapidly and non-specifically (22). However, this kind of threat is rare in modern society leading to an often inappropriate triggering of the full-blown stress response. The wiring that triggers this unnecessary, amplified or prolonged stress response is stored in the unconscious implicit memory systems (23) via the HPA and SMA axes (24).

She added: “Everyone needs to do better than this infantile bullsh*t because I, for one, have had it with senseless hostility.”

While emotion can be communicated effectively in a print ad or television commercial, there are other important components of a brand which have emotional dimensions. For example:

Emotional Response - The DreamerEmotional Response - The DreamerEmotional Response - The DreamerEmotional Response - The Dreamer